Border Collie Club of Victoria inc.

Agility With Your Dog:

Border Collies in particular excel at the sports of Agility and Jumping.
Their willingness to work, athleticism and grace make them natural star performers.
Agility and Jumping are the two halves of competition trials that run regularly throughout the year, open to all breeds of dogs (including crossbreeds).
The Border Collie Club runs an annual trial for Agility, Jumping and often Games as well – every year in late March/early April.
Handlers run their dogs through a numbered obstacle course in every discipline, with passes being obtained for a clear round (no faults such as dropped bars or refusals) that are under a calculated standard course time.

Agility involves obstacles such as weaving poles, A frame, dog walks, seesaws, tunnels and a range of types of jumps.
Jumping is a less complicated affair, with only tunnels and jumps offered in the courses.
In each of these disciplines there are four titles offered :
Novice – 5 passes, Excellent – 6 passes, Masters – 7 passes, and Elite – 7 passes
There are three types of Agility games offered – Strategic Pairs, Snooker and Gamblers.
All games can include every type of obstacle.
There are also three titles for each of the games on offer -
Novice – 3 passes, Excellent - 4 passes, and Masters – 5 passes.
For the real high flyers, you can obtain Agility Champion and Games Champion titles.

Agility enthusiasts have plenty of options to choose from – what titles they want to obtain, and what style of handling they choose.
Many of the experienced agility handlers choose to own and run Border Collies because they are such a thrilling and rewarding dog to compete with.
There are many wonderful online Agility coaches and courses these days, so that even people in isolated areas can train their dogs with great information and coaching.
Otherwise, there are dedicated Agility clubs and Obedience multidisciplinary clubs that offer to teach the sport in most areas.
If you want to have some fun with your Border Collie, consider Agility, Jumping and Games !

Contacts: You are welcome to contact a Committee Member of the BCCV Inc for further information, also DOGS Victoia can assist in all matters canine.

“Border Collie Club of Victoria
Open Agility/Jumping/Games Trial
25th March 2023"

Photos courtesy of Sally Robinson

Border Collie Open/Agility & Jumping Trial
27th March 2021

Photos courtesy of Sally Robinson

BCCV Agility Trial
KCC Park, Westernport Hwy, Skye
Saturday 30th March 2019

BCCV Agility, Jumping and Games Trial
KCC Park, Westernport Hwy, Skye
Saturday 7 April 2018

 Fastest BC member in Jumping Peter Hofto (TAS) with (Gidget) Dual Ch (T) T & S Ch Maghera Lickety Split (AI) CD ADX JDO JDM GDX SDX SPD

Fastest BC member in Agility Peter Clynes (VIC) with (Rihanna) AG CH (500) Yeoville Catch Me If You Can ADM JDM ADO JDO SPDM GDX SDX 

posted April 30 2018

Open Agility, Jumping and Games Trial
KCC Park, Westernport Hwy, Skye
Saturday 2 April 2016

posted April 17 2016

Agility & Jumping Dog Trials

One of the largest 2 day dog sport events in Regional Victoria showcasing dogs from around Victoria and Australia, competing over jumps and obstacles against their clock. Competition ranges from events for beginners to those for some of Australia's best dogs and handlers currently competing.