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Showing Your Dog (Conformation)

The purpose of a conformation show (Championship, Open or Parade) is for the judge to measure the exhibited dogs against the breed standard.
The judge will typically observe the exhibit (dog) standing ("on the stack"), and moving. A skilled exhibitor will handle the exhibit to best demonstrate its attributes. "Stacking" means that the dog is placed in the best posture for the judge's observation. A careful pace will best demonstrate the exhibit's movement for the judge.
Success in all canine competition disciplines is a partnership between dog and handler. The handler (exhibitor) must know what they are doing. The dog (exhibit) must be suitably trained to know what is expected. A novice exhibitor is advised to seek instruction from their dog's breeder or owner of its sire. It is in the best interest of these people that your exhibit is shown at its best. Our Club offers show training at our regular training nights and as advertised at Members Competitions.

There are several levels of showing:

Championship Shows:

These shows have Challenge Certificates available for the best dog and bitch of each breed. Points are awarded as follows; five points plus one point for each animal of that sex which actually competes, thus a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 25 per show. A dog which earns 100 points is entitled to be recognised as an Australian Champion. An Australian Grand Champion has amassed 1000 points and has won three Best in Show awards at All Breeds Championship Shows. Puppies under 6 months cannot earn Challenges, but can enter the Baby Puppy classes offered.

Open Shows / Parades:

These shows are in the same format as Championship Shows, however Challenge Certificates are not available and Champions may only compete if the schedule permits. 

Sanctioned Shows:

These are shows approved by the Victorian Canine Association Inc. and usually are run for charity or in conjunction with some other community activity.

BCCV Championship Show 19/09/2015

We would like to give a big thank you to Jeremy Inverno for the great photos.


Comformation Judging 19/09/2016 (Click Photo to Start Slideshow)