Border Collie Club of Victoria inc.

Herding With Your Dog:

To enter a test or a trial the dog has to be registered with DOGS Victoria on one of these registers: main, limited, associate, or sporting, and the owner of the dog, plus the handler if they are not the owner, must be a financial member of DOGS Victoria or similar Australian state canine control.
Instinct test.
All dogs must pass this test prior to moving on. Herding test.
This is done off leash in a small area.
Pre trial.
This is in a larger area with the first real experience for the dog in working the sheep.
Herding trials.
Trials are conducted over three different Courses

Contacts: You are welcome to contact a Committee Member of the BCCV Inc for further information, also DOGS Victoia can assist in all matters canine.

BCCV Herding Days

BCCV Herding Trial and Test Day

Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July 2021 Nyora